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Emergency plan text 9



Emergency plan text 9

2019-12-31 10:11
7.1.8 Repair Team
Organized by the maintenance department. Responsible for repairing equipment after the accident.
Team leader: Guo Xiaolong
Team member: Maintenance department staff
Phone: 8305
7.1.9 Material Supply Group
It is organized by the procurement office and is mainly responsible for the procurement of emergency relief materials.
Team Leader: Shi Dianxing
Team member: purchasing staff
Phone: 8416
7.1.10 Material Transport Team
Organized by the warehousing department: mainly responsible for the transportation and deployment of emergency relief materials.
Team leader: Sheng Hongbo
Team members: staff of the warehousing department
Phone: 8111
7.1.11 Test group
It is set up by the quality inspection department and is mainly responsible for the monitoring work in the area of ​​hazardous material diffusion at the accident scene and the monitoring of the diffusion of hazardous materials after rescue.
Team Leader: Zhang Yumei
Team member: staff of quality inspection department
Phone: 8202
7.1.12 Technical guarantee and related information
(1) Fire-fighting facility configuration diagram
Storage place: HSE department and spare use department
(2) Production process flow chart
Storage location: technical department and each use department
(3) Site layout plan and surrounding area map
Storage location: HSE Department
(4) Safety technical instructions for hazardous chemicals
Storage location: HSE Department
7.1.13 Emergency power supply and lighting
Each team in the workshop has a rechargeable searchlight for on-site emergency evacuation. When an accident occurs and the production system is suddenly powered off, all staff members are responsible for emergency handling and orderly evacuation by the squad leader. During the rescue of the accident and the rescue of the wounded, the hydropower workshop supplies power from other production systems according to the situation. When the safety is confirmed, the power is selectively supplied to various positions in the accident department to ensure the use of emergency and lighting power.
7.1.14 Emergency rescue equipment, materials and medicines
The company's accident rescue is based on the Shenbei New District Central Hospital, which is 2 kilometers away from the company. It has three ambulances. Each ambulance is equipped with an oxygen cylinder, a portable internal and surgical emergency box, and a foldable push bed. And emergency medicines.
7.2 External rescue
7.2.1 Mutual assistance of units
Adjacent to the company, Shenyang Bomeida Chemical Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of Sinochem, and has maintained a good mutual relationship with the company for a long time. In the event of an accident, the company can assist the company in transportation, personnel, rescue and rescue of some supplies. At the same time, other corresponding support can be provided according to rescue needs.
7.2.2 Request the government to coordinate emergency rescue forces
When the expansion of the accident requires external assistance, the Shenbei New District Government can issue a support order to mobilize relevant government departments for full support and rescue. The main participating departments are:
(1) Public security department
Assist the company in vigilance, block related roads, and prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the scene of the accident and the polluted area.
(2) Fire brigade
In case of fire accident, carry out fire rescue. It is mainly the fire brigade of Shenbei New District (2.5 kilometers from the company).
(3) Environmental protection department
Provide real-time monitoring in the event of accidents and handling of contaminated areas.
(4) Telecommunications sector
To ensure the normal operation of external communication systems, to be able to timely and accurately publish news of accidents and issue related orders.
(5) Medical unit
Provide the ambulance treatment service for the wounded and poisoned people and the medicines and personnel needed for on-site rescue.
(7) Management Committee of Chemical Industry Park
Assist the company to coordinate relevant government departments and neighboring enterprises for full support and rescue. If necessary, the emergency plan for the emergency in the chemical park can be started.
7.3 Publicity, training and exercises
(1) All functional departments and production departments of the company should often organize relevant personnel to study this plan, and meet the requirements of "everyone knows the plan, and everyone will deal with it".
(2) Organize at least one pre-planning exercise every year. The contents of the exercise include the occurrence of leaks, the activation of the emergency rescue system, and the first-time handling. How to contact and rush to the scene with professional rescue teams, rescue and maintenance at the scene, injury rescue, external contacts Cooperation with professional fire departments.
(3) The drill must have a drill plan and be approved by the company's general manager.
7.4 Plan Management and Update
In order to adapt to the adjustment of relevant national laws and regulations and changes in departments or emergency resources, combined with problems found in the production process and new situations in emergency drills, this plan will be reviewed, revised and updated every year to make the emergency plan scientific. Performance, feasibility and operability.
8 attachments
Annex I Road traffic map of surrounding area
Annex II Evacuation route map of East Plant
Annex III Evacuation Route Map of West Plant
Annex IV Basic Company Information
Annex V Terms and definitions
Annex VI List of Chemical Substance Properties of the Company
Annex VII List of emergency facilities and materials


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