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Emergency plan text 8



Emergency plan text 8

2019-12-31 10:13

6.7.2 Personnel protection

General leakage protection requirements:

Respiratory protection: When exposed to vapors or fumes, you must wear a gas mask.

Eye protection: Wear chemical safety goggles.

Protective clothing: Wear work clothes or chemical protection clothing.

Hand protection: Wear acid and alkali resistant gloves.

Participants in the rescue and rescue must dress as required, wear personal protective equipment, and pay attention to the wind direction. They should be equipped with lighting fixtures for rescue in dark areas.

6.7.3 Personnel supervision

Participation in rescue and rescue personnel is mainly based on mutual assistance and supervision, and should be handled in accordance with the principle of rescue on the premise of ensuring their own safety. If a player is injured due to unforeseen factors during the rescue, other rescue personnel must report to the headquarters when making a decision and decide whether to apply for support. If they apply for support, the headquarters will issue a reserve rescue team to enter the accident site to participate in the rescue. Order while taking the injured out of the danger zone.

6.7.4 On-site real-time monitoring and evacuation conditions and methods of emergency personnel in abnormal situations

In the following cases, emergency rescue and rescue personnel may evacuate the accident site before reporting:

(1) The accident has gone out of control;

(2) When the personal rescue equipment of the emergency rescue and rescue team members is damaged, and the lives of the emergency team members are safe;

(3) Sudden secondary accident occurred, which is critical to the safety of one's life.

6.7.5 Measures to control the expansion of accidents Handling of liquid material leakage accidents

Evacuate personnel from the leaked contaminated area to a safe area, and irrelevant personnel are prohibited from entering the contaminated area. Emergency treatment personnel wear masks and chemical protective clothing. Do not directly contact the leaked material, and do not allow the leaked material to come in contact with combustible materials (wood, paper, oil, etc.) , Plugging or pouring buckets under safe conditions. Dealing with fire accidents in the workshop

"Shenyang Xinji Chemical Co., Ltd. Emergency Rescue Plan"

6.8 Emergency monitoring

6.8.1 Leakage of solvent chemicals

In the event of a leakage of solvent chemicals, the degree of pollution can be determined by visual inspection and laboratory analysis.

Visual inspection: Refers to the people along the polluted route to find the pollution boundary and determine the polluted area. HSE Department is responsible.

Pollution monitoring: refers to the laboratory analysis of hazardous substances in polluted water systems and soil samples taken on-site. Water pollution is the responsibility of the quality inspection department. The soil pollution analysis samples are taken and sent to a qualified professional testing agency for testing.

6.9 Emergency termination

(1) If the danger is removed or effectively controlled, the command shall issue a command signal (via telephone) to release the alarm, and notify the neighboring enterprise that the danger release signal has been notified at the time of the accident.

(2) After the accident is handled, the pollution shall be eliminated in time.

(3) Establish a special accident handling team immediately to investigate the cause of the accident and implement preventive measures and emergency repair plans, and organize emergency repairs, and resume production as soon as possible after checking that they have safe production conditions.

6.10 Late disposal

6.10.1 Protection measures at the accident site

When the accident happened, the HSE department quickly closed the company's door, and the company quickly set up an accident investigation team to take photos and other evidence to analyze the scene and conduct an accident investigation. No other unrelated personnel are allowed to enter to ensure the smooth investigation of the accident.

6.10.2 Person in charge and professional team at the scene of the accident

The clearance work is carried out by the manager of the HSE department, which is attended by the company's emergency rescue personnel and trained designated volunteer firefighters.

7 Emergency safeguard measures

7.1 Internal emergency safeguard measures

7.1.1 Communication guarantee

The internal emergency communication system is managed and maintained by the administrative office. During the accident, if the internal and external fixed telephones are damaged, the wireless explosion-proof walkie-talkie equipped by the company can be used for communication and command.

According to the emergency rescue needs of the accident, the emergency rescue professional team is formed by the cooperation of relevant departments. The contact telephone numbers of the emergency rescue team leaders and related units are shown in Table 6-1.

Table 6-1 Contact numbers of the emergency rescue team leader and related units


Serial number

Emergency Command Team Member

Contact number


Jiang Dezi



Xiao Liang



Wang Zhenyuan



Guo Xiaolong



Shi Dianxing



Sheng Hongbo



Zhang Yumei



Shenyang Bomeda Chemical Co., Ltd.



District Fire Station Squadron



Central Hospital of Shenbei New District



Shenbei New District Safety Supervision Bureau



Environmental Protection Bureau of Shenbei New District



7.1.2 Emergency Center

It is mainly composed of the production department and the HSE department. It is responsible for directing the emergency treatment of the production process during the accident. After the emergency rescue process is started, the chief commander starts rescue operations by issuing rescue orders and directing other professional rescue teams.

Chief Commander: Jiang Dezi

Deputy Chief Commander (Field Commander): Xiao Liang

Deputy Chief Commander: Wang Zhenyuan

Team members: employees of production department and HSE department

Phone: 8501

7.1.3 Safety and Environmental Protection Group

It is mainly formed by the HSE department. Responsible for environmental protection and safety coordination during the accident to prevent environmental pollution caused by the accident and the expansion of the accident; assist the commander in charge of coordinating the relationship between the professional teams, organize inspection personnel to conduct environmental monitoring of the accident scene, and be responsible for connection.

Leader: Xiao Liang

Team member: HSE staff

Phone: 29861288

7.1.4 Emergency Team

It is mainly formed by employees in the accident department, and is responsible by Wang Zhenyuan, the production director. The team leader of the rescue team should arrive at the accident site as soon as possible, and be responsible for plugging, extinguishing, and explosion-proofing the accident scene to prevent the accident from expanding; find the trapped personnel at the scene of the accident and rescue them from the danger zone.

Team Leader: Wang Zhenyuan

Team members: employees of the accident department

Phone: 8001

7.1.5 Emergency Evacuation Team

It is mainly formed by the guards. Set up warning lines and alarm equipment at the scene of the accident, defend the area around the scene of the accident, and establish a "green channel" for emergency rescue; take charge of traffic control during evacuation and direct the evacuation of personnel to the emergency resettlement site.

Team Leader: Liang Changqing

Team member: All security personnel

Phone: 8113

7.1.6 Medical rescue team

It is mainly formed by the HSE department. After receiving the order, the professional medical institution should be contacted immediately to dispatch an emergency team to the accident scene and establish an emergency scene emergency medical station as needed to provide first aid treatment to the wounded; provide further follow-up treatment to the wounded transferred to the hospital.

Leader: Li Weiwei

Team member: HSE staff

Phone: 8232

7.1.7 Communication Security Group

It is mainly formed by the HSE department. To ensure the unimpeded telephone, telecommunication, network and other lines and equipment during emergencies, contact telecommunications departments to establish temporary lines as needed, and conduct communication line control if necessary.

Leader: Li Weiwei

Team member: HSE staff

Phone: 8232





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