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2019-12-30 15:03
Work plan for safety inspection of Xinji and Bomeda
In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the video conference on "Initiating Safety Inspections" held by the group company on June 19 and the request made by Vice President Li Bin after the video conference, implement the "Notice on Initiating Safety Inspections" [中Hua HSE [2013] No. 7], combined with the "Shenyang Institute's Notice on Centralizing the" Pull-out "Safety Production Inspection" [Shen Yuan An [2013] No. 28], and "Conscientiously Implementing the Implementation of Shenyang Institute's 2013 HSE Audit Rectification Notice of the plan [Shen Yuanan [2013] No. 31] and "Notice of Shenyang Yuan Safety Production Inspection" [Shen Yuanan [2013] No. 58], it was decided that from June to the end of September, the company will focus on "Safety production" inspection. The work plan is as follows:
1, General requirements
We will conscientiously implement the recent important directives of the central leadership comrades, the requirements of the State Council executive meeting, and a series of decision-making arrangements for work safety and the SASAC notification spirit. We will focus on conducting safety inspections as the primary task of current safety production. The overall requirements of strict inspection and heavy-efficiency, comprehensively carry out a large-scale production safety inspection with full participation, thoroughly investigate and manage hidden safety hazards, plug safety management loopholes, strengthen safety production responsibilities, implement safety production measures, improve safety production guarantee capabilities, effectively Prevent and resolutely curb production safety accidents.
2, deployment and mobilization, the establishment of inspection organizations.
1. Analyze the situation of production safety and deploy mobilization inspections
On June 20, a meeting of the company's safety committee was held to convey the spirit of the notice from the government and superior companies, and analyze the current severe production safety situation. General Manager Jiang Dezi conveyed the spirit of President Liu's speech: "Require leaders at all levels to reflect the important responsibility of employees' life safety into actual work. The company's development is to allow employees to share development achievements, and never allow employees to sacrifice their lives For the price, grasping safety is not only the responsibility of the HSE department or the person in charge of HSE. First of all, it is the responsibility of the main person in charge of the enterprise. It is the responsibility of all employees. All leading cadres must put safety first. For the company's safety "pulling the net" safety production inspection time, all departments must act immediately, and quickly convey the spirit of the meeting to the grassroots level, to the front line, and implement it in actual work. We must attach great importance to it, and work hard to ensure that the company No accidents occur, and we will be held accountable in the event of an accident. "
Safe production is related to the safety of people's lives and property, to the overall situation of reform, development, and stability, and to the image and reputation of the government and the company. We must stand at the height of politics, fully understand the seriousness of the current situation, earnestly increase the sense of responsibility and urgency to do a good job in production safety, learn lessons from accidents, find weak links, and deepen the investigation of hidden dangers. Move, the center of gravity moves downwards, the accident risk is resolved in time, and the hidden danger of the accident is eliminated. At the same time, take this as an opportunity to improve the safety awareness of all employees and improve the company's overall management level.
2. Establish a security inspection leading organization led by the leader
Xinji and Bomeda set up a leading group for safety inspection, with General Manager Jiang Dezi as the leader, and the leading group has two inspection groups (group A + group B):
A Deputy Team Leaders: Wang Zhenyuan, Song Ying, Tong Rencheng, Yu Fengjie, Xiao Liang (Pomera)
B Group Deputy Leaders: Kong Xianbin, Zhou Zhaojing, Ma Zhongming, Guo Xiaolong (New Age)
Mr. Cheng Cheng: Person in charge of each department of the company (self-inspection and inspection of the department) + all members of the HSE department (cooperating with the random inspection of the A and B groups)
3, Check the content
In accordance with the general requirements of full coverage, zero tolerance, strict inspection, and pragmatic results, a comprehensive safety production inspection with full participation was carried out. It is necessary to do a good job in the inspection of the production line, work place, and production equipment, as well as the inspection of safety systems, operating procedures, and personnel management, department by department, workshop by job, job by site, and by person. At the same time, the establishment of emergency plans, drills, and safety education and other basic work are checked.
4, Schedule
In accordance with the principle of "one position and two responsibilities, who is in charge and who is in charge, and who must manage the work must manage safety", adopting a combination of employee self-inspection, department self-inspection, A and B inspection group self-inspection and cross-inspection Safety inspection.
The first stage: self-examination and self-correction stage (before June 28)
All mobilization, the department as a unit, to carry out comprehensive and in-depth hidden danger inspection work, to carry out serious self-inspection and self-correction by department, workshop, post, site, person, and establish a detailed hidden trouble inspection and management work account.
Second stage: cross check (July 1 to September 30)
On July 1st, inspection teams A and B will conduct cross-checks on each department of the two companies. (Group A does a good self-inspection of Bo Meida, and at the same time sets a frequency for the comprehensive inspection of Group B once a month, and a random inspection once a week; Group B does a good self-inspection of the Xinji Company, and at the same time, it targets A The group conducts comprehensive inspections once a month and spot checks once a week). The two inspection teams adopted surprise inspections, night inspections, and back inspections. They should adopt a “zero tolerance” attitude towards hidden dangers and problems, insist on the word “strict”, be brave and manage, and perform their duties carefully to ensure that the major inspections are achieved. Effective. At the same time, professional and technical backbones with strong sense of responsibility, strong business ability, and strong work ability are recruited to participate in the major inspections of safety production (electrical equipment and facilities, process equipment safety, fire safety, etc.). According to the requirements of "who checks, who is responsible", the work must be carried out. There are records, and signatures are required for inspection.
The third stage: consolidation and improvement
The company and various departments conduct careful analysis on the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers of accidents, summarize experiences and practices, formulate a complete hidden dangers inspection system, and form a long-term mechanism. At the same time, the two inspection teams of A and B were solidified into permanent establishments, and continued to adopt self-inspection, cross-inspection, surprise inspection, night inspection and other methods to improve the effectiveness of hidden danger inspections, ensure the effectiveness of the inspections, and ensure the elimination of hidden dangers.
5, Hidden rectification
The rectification of hidden dangers runs through the entire inspection process. The hidden dangers that can be rectified are rectified immediately. Find major hidden dangers and stare to the end. In accordance with the principle of "who checks and who is responsible", we must carefully analyze and research the problems found during the inspection work. We must classify and summarize the hidden dangers and problems found during the inspection according to the situation, and ensure that rectification measures, responsibilities, funds, time limits, and plans In place. "
6, Related requirements
1. Strengthen organizational leadership
Leaders, members of the two inspection teams, and leaders of various grass-roots organizations must conscientiously deploy and implement them, combine safety inspections, rectification of hidden dangers, and daily work, and clarify the responsibilities of “one position, two responsibilities, and management must be safe”; Ideological attention, investment in energy, and implementation in action. Ensure that the large-scale investigations achieve the purpose of investigating hidden dangers, promoting rectification, strengthening the foundation, and preventing accidents, and improve the company's overall level of production safety.
2. Strengthen publicity and education, all staff attach importance to safety inspection
Strengthen publicity and launch, and guide all employees to participate in various departments to conduct extensive publicity and launch of the safety inspection, and fully mobilize all employees to actively participate in the inspection. The company inspection team shall report and criticize the safety inspections and inadequate investigation and management of hidden dangers if they are found to be ineffective.
3. Strengthen the implementation of rectification, so as to avoid future problems
In accordance with the requirements of "do not miss a problem, do not miss a blind spot, do not leave a hidden danger", conduct a comprehensive safety inspection. The hidden dangers and problems discovered during the inspection shall be classified and summarized according to the situation to ensure that the rectification measures, responsibilities, funds, time limits and plans are “five in place”.
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June 20, 2013


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